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How our risk department works?
How our risk department works?
Updated over a week ago

At For Traders, we have a risk department that checks all traders before they transition from each phase to a For Traders Account, before every payout, and daily within our system to ensure that our users adhere to our rules and terms and conditions.
​If you have been contacted by our risk department, please be patient; our team is relatively small compared to the number of traders they need to check. That's why we are developing an AI to assist our risk department.


We are currently testing a powerful AI that analyzes all trading data and helps us identify individuals attempting to circumvent our challenge. This AI is developed internally by our developers and assists in analyzing all data.

Why are we investing in this tool?

In recent months, we have discovered that more users are trying to find ways to break our rules, and they are not really traders but rather organized gamblers. It is increasingly difficult to identify these users, and that's why we established a risk department within our company. To speed up and improve the quality of this process, we're developing a powerful AI that sends us notifications and analyzes our system 24/7.

Why is this important for our users?

We are looking for real traders who have strategies and are the best of the best. The fact that they are participating in our challenge shows us that they are the best. These users should and do deserve a For Traders Account.

However, users who cheat the rules are not welcome on our platform because it's not fair to the great traders who work really hard.

Of course, our AI is currently still in beta testing, so it's possible that it is not yet 100% reliable, and we are continuing to manually check everything as well.

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