News Trading
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You can hold over the news but you can't open or close any trades within 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after a high-impact news release.


Profits from trades that are opened at any time before the high-impact news event and are closed within the 5-minute window before or 5-minute after the event will be recognized. This adjustment allows swing traders who plan their trades in advance to benefit from their strategic decisions without penalty.


Profits from trades that are opened and closed within a 10-minute window surrounding a high-impact news event (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after) will not be counted, without any account violation. This rule is designed to prevent short-term speculative trading based on the news.


  • Early Bird Strategy 🐦: Swing Trader Anna enters a position on EUR/USD 3 hours before a GDP announcement. The market reacts favorably as the news breaks, and her position hits the target profit. Since Anna's trade was initiated well before the restricted window, her gains are recognized.

  • Rapid Fire Fallout 🧯: High-Risk Trader Bob opens a trade on GBP/USD 2 minutes before the unemployment rate announcement and exits 3 minutes after the news. Although he makes a quick profit, his trade falls within the high-risk window, and thus, his profits are excluded from his performance metrics.

↘️ This rule APPLIES to all For Traders Accounts (FUNDED STAGE). While working on a challenge, traders can freely trade during news events.

↘️ All Traders CAN still HOLD their positions OVER THE NEWS.

This adjustment aims to discourage speculative trading based on news events and aligns with our commitment to sustainable trading practices. As we continue to strive for a trading environment focused on long-term success, we believe this rule is necessary to support thoughtful decision-making among all our traders.

Pro tip: Check out our Discord channel #fundamental-ideas every morning to stay updated on when these high-impact news events are scheduled. Additionally, you can also find a detailed calendar on the Forex Factory website - watch out for the red folder ones 🙏

Here's a list of the key Macroeconomic News Events traders should watch out for:

  • FED Interest Rate

  • FOMC Minutes

  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)

  • Non-Farm Payrolls

  • Unemployment Rate

  • GDP Growth Rate

  • Crude Oil Inventories

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